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Winners of the Matchett Hamper

Vicki Matchett - Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perth Good Food & Wine Show and the Adelaide Bowerbird Bazaar

As you are all aware by now, Matchett Productions has been campaigning nationwide at various shows and events and part of the shows has been giving away Matchett Gourmet HampersThe most recent competition winners were at both the Perth Good Food and Wine Show and the Adelaide Bowerbird Bazaar.

As always, it is a thrill to phone the winners directly and let them know the exciting news.  The WINNERS were:

Perth Good Food and Wine Show:  Erica May of Belmont WA

Adelaide Bowerbird Bazaar:       Ben Mason from Victoria

Vic at the Bowerbird Bazaar

Perth Good Food & Wine Show - WINNERS of the Free Ticket Giveaway

Vicki Matchett - Monday, August 13, 2012

In our last Newsletter edition we ran a competition to win Free entry into the Perth Good Food & Wine Show. The first two people to email Matchett Productions with the answer to the following question would each win 2 passes to the Perth Good Food & Wine Show.

Q. What are the three new products that Matchett Productions recently launched on the market?

A.  The Tomboy, Mrs Chilli Piccalilli and Little Monster.

We had a very quick response to the ticket giveaway.  Congratulations to the following WINNERS:

Ali Armistead

Jodi Robinson    

Sponsorship & Donations 2011/12

Vicki Matchett - Sunday, August 12, 2012

Throughout 2011/12 Matchett Productions has proudly sponsored a vast range of organisations.

It is wonderful to see so many great volunteers out there all pulling together and contributing to the wellbeing of our communities and assisting those that are not always so fortunate or in such good health, animals included.

There are times when I would love to be out helping in a more hands on role.

I am thankful that I can at least help by way of Matchett product donations; sponsorship and public awareness of worthy causes contribute something to these wonderful causes.

Here are just some of the organisations that Matchett Productions has assisted.

Southern Women’s Health services

1st Goolwa Sea Scouts

Adelaide Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Club

Red faces Mental Health Fundraiser

Bellevue Project Solstice Luncheon

Ride Across Australia

Feast Festival

Jacky’s Enclosure Project

Royal Flying Doctors


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