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Big Sissy Foods Bagel Crisps

Big Sissy Foods Bagel Crisps

Sourdough Bagel Crisps

Big Sissy Foods Sourdough Bagel Crisps - Addictively moreish ...our irresistible Sourdough Bagel Crisps are a Zero waste product!  Born as a result of our excess Sourdough Bagels, the Bagel Crisps are a mixed selection of flavours.  Sliced and oven baked with local olive oil and sea salt flakes.  Best used for all occasions!  

Volume: 120g (packet) 

GST Incl.

Please Note:  Due to the nature of our bagel crisps being a by-product of our sourdough bagels, we endeavour to fulfill order volumes in their entirety.  Should this not be possible, we will make this apparent and endeavour to fulfill  orders ASAP.

Matchett Productions & Big Sissy Foods take all measures to ensure that you item arrives safely and intact.  We take no responsibility should this item be damaged in transit via third party carriers.


Customer Reviews

“Just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed your products. I purchased a hamper from you for my husband for Father’s Day and it was fantastic. We have made some of the recipes from the cookbook and they were so delicious and so easy. All of my family just love the Storm dressing – there is nothing like it. Thank you” Robyn